from catalogue “Ghosts of Presence”

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As final example of cultural translucence is Kensuke Koike’s Mr. Baku Show Chapter No.2 ‘Black Socks Girl’, where the artist humorously summons a female assistant to “raise” in an evocation of 1930’s vaudeville magic acts. Two cultural ghosts are simultaneously present in the video, and are contradictorily set against one another. The “razzle dazzle” we associate with a magician’s performance is deflated by the neutral white space where the performance occurs, and the deliberate lack of artifice in the trick itself. The neutrality of the site in combination with the work’s humour reminded me distinctly of Wlliam Wegman’s early “studio” videos. Koike’s video, like the other “translucent” works in this section, folds over numerous (often disparate) reference into a single cogent work.

Darryl Bank

from catalogue “Ghosts of Presence: International Emerging Artists’ Video”