3 / 37 - Glorious Yesterday, 2012, carbon, 7 x 6 cm h.4.5

Just like an alchemist using everyday materials, I wanted to produce an artificial diamond that would be valued more than a natural one. Obviously in this case the value is not an economical one.
I chose the diamond because it is a symbol, and also because of the “memorial diamonds”, made from the ashes of departed loved ones. They are indistinguishable from real diamonds but obviously valued much more by their owners.
A diamond can be ruined by a faulty cut and lose its monetary value. It’s man’s ability that determines the object’s value, otherwise it would be an ordinary stone.
Through my blog the research for the project has been open to suggestions and information on techniques; resulting in the explication of the project’s entire creative process. Involving others in the project, I was curious to see what effect it would have on my work and what the result would be.
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