3 / 6 - One day with Pheromone Man 2010, 4'59"

Highway Club 2012, 2’04

Highway Club
The Highway Club is a secret association of car lovers. Since they are a secret association, it is very rare to attend their performances and only a few can assist even though these performances are hold on common driveways.”
This video shows us how we could be easily involved in abnormal event and probably we don’t realize to be a part of it. It’s because from our point of standing, we cannot see the whole thing.


Echoes in the Mirror
2011, Stop-motion video with color paper on LCD monitor, 1’55”

Echoes in the Mirror
The story about 2 characters: Black Hood Man and Pastel Wizard who resort to optical illusions created simply by putting colored paper on the computer monitor.
The original movie and soundtrack was un- touched but the sense of the story changes com- pletely adding a new meaning to those watching it. People can easily recognize the original movie and understands the add-to process, getting a glimpse of the artist’s mind.


One day with Pheromone Man
2010, 4’59”

One day with Pheromone Man
The aim is to observe the reactions of spectators to a totally unnatural event. The viewers of this video cannot know what is happening. It could be a film star or a VIP in a public domain. The black and white video is not only a preference for a certain cinematographic style. It tries to prove that a photograph does not always tell the whole truth. The obvious is revealed only when color is added.


Miracle of Prophet
2009, loop with 8 frames

Miracle of Prophet
The video shows how easy it is to show an apparently impossible event using simple effects. People must always be on the lookout and to consider the context. Keep your eyes open and be critical. It is the best and only way to understand and control the wonders of the world.


Mr Baku Show, chapter No.1 “Flying Puppets”, No.2 “Black Socks Girl”, No.3 “Milky Carpet”, No.4 “Golden Hat”
2007, 2’12”, 2’14”, 2’10”, 4’48”

Mr Baku Show
This is a small story of the learning process, the gradual acquisition of a skill: being able to do magical deception. But it is also the story of an ending, one that takes place when you have achieved success and consensus. The choice is between survival in the memory of a glorious past, or the death of honor; to sacrifice oneself to one’s own myth.


The Elephant Man
2001, 5’37”

The Elephant Man
A terribly dramatic sequence of David Lynch’s Film is revived as such, except for one overwhelming interference: I have over dubbed synchronized pre-recorded laughter taken from comic Mr. Bean.